Lil Wayne - Rich As Fuck (feat. 2 Chainz)

money talks. bullshit walks on a motherfucking tight rope.

never really had love, couldn’t ever figure out how to love

now you’re sitting here in this damn corner

looking through all your thoughts and looking over your shoulder

"i used to dream about
the life i’m living now
i know that there’s no doubt
i made it, i made it"

— i made it;kevin rudolf

30 Day Challenge, Day 10: Your Favorite Song

that’s an impossible question! i cant name just one! here are some of my most played off my current playlist:

  • i think ur a contra - vampire weekend
  • cosmic love - florence and the machine
  • cousins - vampire weekend
  • walcott - vampire weekend
  • how to love - lil wayne
  • when it started - the strokes
  • life is simple in the moonlight - the strokes
  • macchu picchu - the strokes
  • dreams - fleetwood mac
  • landslide - fleetwood mac
  • barely legal - the strokes
  • turning tables - adele
  • elle me dit - mika
  • i got u - leona lewis
  • skyscraper - demi lovato
  • when i’m alone - lissie
  • down on me - jerimiah ft 50 cent
  • right there - nicole scherzinger ft 50 cent
  • fall for anything + before the worst - the script
  • entire soundtrack of double dhamaal
  • meri ada bhi - ready
  • glad you came - the wanted
  • changed the way you kissed me - example

soo um. that should give yous a good indication of my broad music choices :P here are some epics i couldn’t live without though:

  • stop crying your heart out - oasis
  • grace kelly - mika
  • 100 years - five for fighting
  • animal - neon trees
  • graduation - kinetics and one love
  • run it - chris brown
  • redemption song - bob marley
  • eleanor rigby - the beatles
  • whistle for the choir - the fratellis
  • summer rain - jonas brothers
  • defying gravity - wicked
  • sorry - buckcherry
  • who’s david - busted
  • do you believe in life after love - cher
  • breathe me - sia
  • breathe (2AM) - anna nalick

okay well you got the idea. i love music. all music. <3

ps: i feel the need to add, no i haven’t recently discovered vampire weekend or the strokes. i’ve known them for about 10 months now, and that goes to show you how much i took to them because they’ve been in my playlist that long. i’m super finicky, so that’s a HUGE deal.